Deborah and Diego

We knew that September 5, 2009 would be an unforgettable day for us and as such we wanted to be “immortalized” all the important moments of our “special day” from our “yes”, the reception, the cake cutting, and for this we kept the fact that this work was done with great care and attention.

We tried quite a few ‘among the photographers in our area, among those who advised us friends as well as among the best known, but once seen, by chance, the site of Julian we had no more hesitation, it was he who wanted as a photographer for our day “unique.”

He had hit his style that we have seen in the online gallery and even if the distance a bit ‘worried us because we would not have had the opportunity to meet before the big day, once more we were impressed with his kindness, his professionalism and its positive energy already the first time we heard on the phone. He was the person we were looking for and then we got to know a little ‘more, including a shift and the other for the “photo tour” to which we have submitted and that he agreed to do. In fact, in our area it is customary to choose a location where you take pictures “after ceremony”, but as I and my husband, love of our city could not decide on just one, and so, thanks to the extreme availability of Julian, we could do this service in various parts of the city for us, “significant”, which hardly could have done with other photographers.

From the bride’s home, the ceremony, the service and the reception, for all the hours that Julian has remained close with his “camera” always ready with sympathy and discretion has put completely at ease, both we and Our guests have all complimented for its “savoir faire”.

Of course when they get back from our honeymoon we were looking forward to seeing photos of the day but ready for the long wait the normal processing of the photos and the album, but within 2 months, we received the finished album, it seemed incredible the speed with which he had made.

Once the album we were received with open mouth, it was just as we had always dreamed of!

Julian is not only managed to capture the moments “classics” of a marriage, but he managed to capture everything that was around us, the emotions, the looks, the little things: a kiss, a hug, a caress in the eyes of but not many have escaped to his “goal”, has captured everything that we, and who stood by us, provide: the joy, happiness, and in some photos looks like it’s even managed to capture our “thoughts”!

And ‘indescribable his work and would not be enough for this a thousand words and we do not just reflect what are our impressions but also seeing what people have said the album:

“Once seen pictures of Diego and Deborah, it seems that all the other missing something!”

“These photos speak for themselves … with Impact!”

“This is a masterpiece … is art!”

What else you can add except: Thank you Julian! “

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