Honorable Mention – Junebug Weddings

10 Jan 2012

Honorable Mention – Phenomenal Wedding Portrait Submissions from The Best of the Best 2011

The famous American site Junebug Weddings every year, vote for the 50 best photos of the year worldwide and this year I participated for the first time, although, frankly, I’m not even allowed to dream of the square with a picture, since we are talking of the bestphotographers ever in the world, colleagues from years of creating beautiful photographs and amazing.

In fact, very nearly arrived in the first 50 but I received a citation of honor even with TWO photos. It ‘still a great satisfaction … Obviously for the next year the citation of honor no longer enough for me;)

Here’s the link to get to the post of Junebug Weddings: http://j.kanz.it/A4CoIp

The first photo was taken in Venice with the great Roman and Svetlana.

The second photo is one of my absolute favorite, was taken to Trent in a beautiful marriage of Kate and Manuel everyone where we had a casino, this photo is just one of many beautiful.

beautiful bride with her groom kissing in venice italy

bride and groom portrait wedding photography in italy

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