2011 – a summary

31 Dec 2011

bride and groom portrait in italy in front of an old tower with beautiful light

bride and groom getting ready in a hotel in venice italy having so much fun, throwing shoes and laughing

jen and carl got married in beautiful portofino at the italian riviera. here they are kissing on an old italian ape, you see them through the little mirror

on this photo you see the father of the bride crying after his daughter got married in italy, it's such an emotional situation which shows all the love the father has for his daughter. the ceremony was held in tuscany, italy

bride and groom portrait in calabria, italy next to a sea in the beautiful national park of the sila

on this picture you see the groom who kisses the bride after the family photo outside of the church after a wedding ceremony in italy

do you remember the movie "into the wild"? we had the idea to do the same picture with the groom at his wedding in italy

cinese bride waiting for the wedding ceremony in florence tuscany

groom entering the hotel room where the bride is getting ready, wedding in piedmont, italy

Today is the last day of the year. Time to make a short summary of the last 12 months and a preview of the new year …

2011 was a year full of work, important experiences, new friendships and great satisfaction for me. I did a lot of beautiful weddings and I’m really happy with the photos that came out.

I also hope the same for 2012. I can not wait to start, I have many new projects and ideas, even if in the end I just want to make beautiful pictures…

I am fortunate to follow people in the most important day of their lives and so it seems only fair to give the maximum (even more) to make that special day and give emotions and memories for their entire lives. Aside from that I want to create special pictures, unique, modern, fresh, spontaneous, unexpected, artistic, for contests, for canvas and for their facebook profile ;)

Photographs that will make your friends jealous.

I would like to thank you and all my spouses, their friends and their families: you have been fantastic, thanks for letting me participate in your special day!

I wish you all a happy and enjoyable 2012 and only because of you I’m able to do the best job in the world. Thank you!



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complimenti Julian, ogni tanto sbircio nel tuo blog e devo dire che le tue immagini sono meravigliose...


bellissime foto... tutte le volte che vado a vedere il tuo sito rimango affascinata dei tuoi lavori :-)